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Imagination For Hire; Ship For Brains

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A few weeks ago, here on my Blog, I was lobbying to become the first male Godfather of a ship (ignore the obvious fact in that sentence, that in order to be a godfather, I’d have to be a male).

But a much more critical need for my very special services in regard to the cruise industrsy has surfaced. It seems to me the cruise industry is in desperate need of someone to name their new ships.

This is an industry which builds amazing new ships. They must have buildings full of engineers working to make certain these ships float. They likely have several floors filled with interior design teams selecting the materials they are going to use on the interiors of the ships. They likely have several buildings full of people developing the new concepts of amenities that are being put on ships. No doubt they have a building full of culinary experts building menus, and cooking items for sampling by the multitudes of Chefs, and cruise line executives.

And it seems they must have one guy or gal in a basement office with no windows whose job it is to name the new ships.

Below you’ll find a list of all the ships that have been using the same name (in some cases multiple times).  I am not necessarily listing them by which cruise line used a name first, and which cruise lines copied those names rather than using some imagination and coming up with their own.

Carnival Fantasy/ Disney Fantasy
Carnival Magic/ Disney Magic
RCI Legend/ Carnival Legend/ Seabourn Legend
Carnival Spirit/ Seabourn Spirit/ Silver Spirit/ Norwegian Spirit/Wind Spirit
Star Princess/ Norwegian Star/ Wind Star
Carnival Dream/ Norwegian Dream

Carnival Splendour/RCI Splendor of the Seas

Azamara Quest/Seabourn Quest

Carnival Pride/ Pride of America

Norwegian Dawn – Dawn Princess
Norwegian Sky – Sky Princess
Norwegian Sea – Sea Princess
Norwegian Sun – Sun Princess

Seven Seas Mariner – Mariner of the Seas
Seven Seas Voyager – Voyager of the Seas
Seven Seas Navigator – Navigator of the Seas

RCI’s Project Sunshine/Carnival Sunshine

The cynical would say the cruise lines intentionally copy names to confuse the customers. Maybe…

Aside from the above list of copy-catters some of the cruise lines have simply reused the names of ships that previously sailed for the company, but have either been sold and renamed, or are no longer sailing.

For some time Celebrity cruise line was simply naming their ships after automobiles.

NCL recently announced their next new ship due;’ Project Breakaway. Sorry Norwegian, but, as much as I truly like the new amenities you’ve announced in your reveals to date, that name… the namer must have just woken up from a nap before the executives walked in, and blurted it out by accident.

Cruise lines take note; I am available to rescue you, and that person working in the basement in an office with no windows.

Now, in my opinion, Crystal cruise line has already taken the very best names for cruise ships, in Serenity and Harmony. Please don’t ruin it by copying them.

But, I, and I bet the people who are  kuki enough to read my blog, can supply you with a list of appropriate ship names that are suitable, and actually show some imagination.

How bout it folks, toss them out here. Maybe a cruise line will be reading!

Here’s a couple freebies from me-

Regent Commander

Silver Comfort

Precious Princess

Costa Precarious (OK, that’s a joke)

They’ll get better if you hire me… but I want an office with a window.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time April 11, 2012 at 5:55 am



Now, those are pure winners!!! LOL!

Comment from Paul Motter
Time April 11, 2012 at 11:32 am

We have all talked about this before… And why do the cruise lines keep changing their ship names?

Why does Royal Caribbean need to put “of the Seas” after every ship name? Don’t they know it immediately just reminds everyone of “Chicken of the Sea?”

Silversea practically says “I’m old and retired” because it is the same as “Centrum Silver” which refers to “Silver-haired” which is supposed to be a polite way to refer to gray hair.

We all wondered why Crustal had “Harmony” and Symphony” and didn’t name the new ship “Melody.” But Serenity is nice.

Breakaway is just awful, the only thing worse is “Getaway” as in “do you think we’ll get away with this name?”

I am now all in favor of re-using classic ship names. Cunard, Princess and Holland America all do it, and it works.

Carnival has GOT TO stop copying Royal Caribbean – its getting enbarassing.

Comment from rciaddict
Time April 12, 2012 at 4:45 pm

how about…Extravagance and Opulence of the Seas
or…Carnival Big Top
maybe….Crystal Chandelier. Sorry, Kuki, but Charlie Pride gets to be the Godfather of this one!

Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time May 2, 2012 at 5:46 am

When Carnival was upping the degree of new ships to modern standards, they had some revolutionary ships in the day, setting many new standards to enjoy. The earliest ships were the MARDIS GRAS, CARNIVALE and FESTIVALE. Soon, new ones came, and some silly names were talked about for the next three:




Rude or crude, that is what passed many a chat with waiters during dinner on other cruise ships, certainly NOT to be taken seruiously.

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