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Archive for June, 2013

The Pitfalls In Cruise Booking

Too many it may seem booking a cruise should be a simple procedure; choose a ship and sail date, pay for it, and go. Unfortunately accepting that premise as simple can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction. Simply jumping online, filling out booking forms, whether on the cruise lines own web sites, the web sites of large online […]

Hurricane Season Realities

Hurricanes are cyclonic (spinning);  in North America they rotate counter-clockwise. It is the cyclonic nature that differentiates them from other storms, such as a Nor’easter. A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when winds in the hurricane rise over 74 MPH, and the form becomes cyclonic in nature, with a well defined center or “eye”. The question is […]

How To Entertain Yourself

One of the attractions for many cruise ship passengers is the variety of entertainment available on board; including stage shows, featured performers, comedy shows, dance bands or individual soloists in the ship’s lounges, poolside games, gyms, spas, areas for sports, etc. Sometimes there is so much going on one has to check the ship’s daily […]

Cruise Brand Loyalists

How often do you overhear friends and neighbors arguing about which supermarket is the best? How often do you hear friends discussing which brand of toilet paper is best? How often do you hear people telling their friends they should really drive a Toyota instead of an Oldsmobile? The answers is… rarely How often do you […]