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You Shouldn’t Cruise

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You have to be kidding me! … That was my reaction this past week when a gentleman I was golfing with in a tournament told me it’s easy to give cruise advice now.

He said: “Just tell them they shouldn’t cruise”.

As one would no doubt expect, I nearly fell out of my golf cart.

 But I was interested in knowing if this fellow was serious, or just attempting to “throw me off my game”.

He was serious. With the regrettable incidents the last few months, and the coverage of trouble Carnival had with the Carnival Triumph, the Carnival Breeze, and the most recent incident once again with the Carnival Triumph, as well as exaggerated media coverage of disappearances at sea, and Norovirus outbreaks,  this person was convinced no one should cruise.

Of course, to me, this is an unimaginable and uninformed position to take. Yet, after further discussion on the topic, and after giving it some thought later myself, I came to believe these perceptions are likely a more considerable problem for the cruise industry than I may have suspected.

Now if you’re reading this while visiting the CrusieMates web site, then you are quite likely to be a cruise devotee.  And, as such, like me, it’s very simple to think it’s irrational, and unfounded to declare that people shouldn’t cruise because of all the problems that can arise to ruin your vacation, or even put you in danger.

But for the unitiated (and if you like, even undoctrinated), the fear factor is obviously having an affect on the mindset of that population.

And the cruise industry has to find a way to address those concerns, because the numbers of people who have not yet cruised  far outnumber those who have and would brush aside many of those concerns.

The big question is how do they battle that public relations issue?

How do they get the public perception of the reality of cruising more in line with the actual reality?

In my view they have to do more to assure people, than to offer full refunds and a discount on a future cruise, and run their normal ads, showing beautiful actors laying on sun loungers drinks in hand, or dancing in the disco.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Kenneth Eden
Time April 10, 2013 at 5:15 am

You shpuld.nt golf

That would have been the perfect answer – why would anyone risk getting hit by lightning, or risk an alligator, or having a errant ball bing your head —-

this man is totally a-cluistic, as are many that do not cruise.

Perhaps, a cruise with a golf theme or chance to play his game in port might be of interest? NO let him stay home.

Comment from Mike Mastellar
Time April 10, 2013 at 8:54 am

Since the Concordia disaster I and the subsequent problems that have hit Carnival and the entire industry, I have heard more of this. There have always been those who thought that cruising was a bunch of old people eating 24 hours a day and playing shuffle board. We know that is not true but I have always said that: “Perception is reality” and it is true. It doesn’t matter what the reality of something is. If enough people perceive it one way then that is how it is. The cruise industry, Carnival in particular, have a lot of damage control to do and they need to change people’s perceptions of cruising.

I have had people ask me if I’d take a Carnival cruise and my answer is always “In a heartbeat.”. I then try to dispel some of the rumors and tell the truth. I will be honest and let people know about the downsides to cruising (short port times, more additional charges) but I emphasize the positives. Relaxation, value, multiple destinations and luxury that cruising provides. It is also one of the safest vacations you can have.

The negative image of the cruise industry is growing and I see more legislators becoming involved and trying to impose more government controls on the industry. With the current perception of the cruise industry by the public I see their efforts becoming law and the cruise industry five years from now will not look like the cruise industry of today.

The cruise line PR people have their work cut out for them. In the meantime I’ll try to take advantage of the lower prices. Yes: I have no shame. 😉

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