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Why Teens Should Cruise

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A few weeks ago I wrote about why seniors should cruise. Clearly, being a senior I am much more familiar with that situation than I am teens.

But, honestly I was a teen once. And when my sons were teens, I know they loved cruising, and I think I may know why.

#1 – The very best thing about cruising when you are a teenager is someone else is paying. Whether it is your parents, or grandparents who are paying, it’s not really any more relevant to you than most anything they say to you when you’re that age.

However, it’s best to be really nice to them prior to the cruise, so they’ll get you (and the friend you’ve convinced them to take along) your own cabin.

#2 – Food is an integral part of the cruise experience for adults and teens alike; though probably for different reasons. For teens, the fact that pretty much every ship has a grill somewhere near the pool is the bonus for those teen appetites. For some reason teen metabolisms are such that you can almost eat whatever you want, and not gain weight (I used to be like that, but I’ve been adding a pound on each birthday since – no matter who’s birthday it is –  so be prepared).

While the grills are great for burgers etc. during the night, there are pizzerias for a slice at night with your friends, and if you followed my advice and got your own cabin, the ship’s 24 hr. room service is perfect for snacks in the middle of the night.

If you’re wise, and ever want to go on a cruise again while you’re still a teen, I recommend having dinners in the dining room with your family.

# 3 – Entertainment on ships offers great variety normally. Aside from most ships having teen clubs designed specifically with programs for you and other kids your age, every ship has a specific gathering place between every deck, just for you and all the other teens you meet onboard to hang out.  Don’t let any of the adults convince you  those are stairwells.

# 4- Communications on ships have improved greatly since the days I took my teens on cruises.  Today you can post to all your social media sites easily, even if the only electronics you take onboard is your smartphone. Just like your parents, you can stay in constant touch, assuming everyone you know needs to know where you are and what you’re doing every minute… just like at home.

If you don’t ever want to cruise again, you can call or text everyone at home as well, for as long as you like. No one will know until your family gets their cell phone bills.

#5 – Unless your family has chosen the absolutely wrong ship, you’ll find lots of other teens onboard.

If you can convince the family to cruise over the holidays (like Christmas) there could be more teens onboard than adults. And, even if there isn’t, it will feel like there is to the adults.

#6 – Freedom! In my experience on cruise ships parents pretty much give their teens permission to do anything they want to, whenever they want to… as long as they show up for dinners with the family.  Just let them know that if they are looking for you they should just check all the glass elevators, and eventually they’ll bump into you when the doors open.

 Perhaps I should stop with 6 reasons for teens to cruise. If I list all 10 reasons your families may think better of ever taking you on a cruise.

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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