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Originally Posted by Bobby J.
I will be going on my first cruise in February, it's with a group of people on a local rock radio station promotion. I think I will be the only solo going. I am hoping that if I choose not to hang out with them that I will still be able to entertain myself on my own. I will not know any of these folks anyway.
I might meet some of them on the flight as I suspect they will have most of us going out at the same time.
Wow, did you win the cruise? That would be very cool. The best thing about solo cruising, IMHO, is the freedom to be part of a group when you want company (it is incredibly easy meeting people on a cruise) or to be on your own when you want. There is plenty to do on the ship on sea days and exploring ports or excursions on port days. You can be as active or not active as you want.

Have a great cruise!
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