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Default Re: Valor May 2005 - Immunization

Yes there is sunblock and bug spray combo just make sure you have DEET. I brought a 12 hour off spray, with 100%Deet, better chemicals then Malaria or yellow fever. Just went to the travel clinic yesterday, doctor told me the ports are safe, mine are Belize city, Limon Costa Rica and Colon Panama. He showed me a map. Certain areas are not safe so I hope my shore excursions are ok, he said they should be fine. He said Yellow fever is really rare and didn't think I needed Malaria meds, I don't want to take em cause I've heard they are harsh on your stomach anyway, which I don't need with a sea sensitive stomach. I am going to get a Hepatitus A shot next Thursday he said he reccomends that. He also said Thyphiod is very rare usally found in India, he didn't reccomend that shot eather. Im relived as I don't feel comfortable with all these shots, and possible side effects. He gave me a prescription for Cipro in case I get travelers diarrehea which he said is very common. Check with your local travel clinic, regular doctors don't carry these unusual shots, good luck.
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