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Originally Posted by Paul Motter

Nice getting a job with your wife. Can I ask what you two will be doing? Are you a "team" of some kind or did you get separate jobs? It would be interesting to know if they are working to accomodate couples.
We were both hired as utility galleys. Entry level job, I know, but atleast it gets us in the door. I have experience in both food service and in a hotel but my wife does not. I figure if we both applied for the same position we'd be sure both to get it and have the best luck at getting on the same ship, same schedule, same cabin, etc.

From what the recruiter said they are very accomodating with married couples. The recruiter said we would not be able to get the same cabin, however, from what I've been hearing from past employees, if there is space, you can request to share a room. I've also been told that spouses (and boy/girl friends) frequently 'live' in the same room as the significant other, along with the 2 or 3 other people in that cabin as well. I think that would be more difficult that having 3 girls in one and 3 guys in the other, but it must work out somehow if people are doing that.

I check out the NCLA Jobs website every couple of days for updates and they seem to be updating their FAQ. It now states that requests for married couples to share a cabin will be accecpted if a marriage certificate is provided.

I'm hoping that even if we do get on and have to have seperate cabins that we'll be able to somehow get a shared one together. One past employee I've spoken with reminded me not to forget that the company will always need employees more than employees will need the company and that they will do a lot of things to make the crew happy.

I'm hoping that they will realize that putting a married couple together that are both hardworking will be a win/win situation for both us and NCLA. Plus, from what I've been hearing they are still having recruitment problems which hopefully will mean some available cabins for us to get into
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