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Oh my, I think you are nitpicking a little too much. I got off the triumph 2 weeks ago and had no complaints at all.

Now, I don't look for faults--I never saw any problems at all. I didn't see duct taped things, or missing panels, or anything of the sort. The one I did note was the public bathrooms had a superstrong cleaing agent smell in the bathrooms outside deck 3 Rome lounge and the one on Lido deck just in front of the pool. My cabin had a light that, if touched the wrong way, would fall off, but I told the steward and they probably eventually fixed it!

I was in Paris dining room and all was well. We had a window, but they kept the blind closed because the view wasn't exactly a view you wanted to see.

I never went out onto Lobby deck promenade at all because they kept the large doors closed all the time, but that wasn't a problem since it was so flippin hot!

The ship is eight years old and is more than likely due for a dry dock and a good fixer up soon. I would go again, but first I need to check out Glory, Liberty, Freedom, and I'll be checking Conquest out in February!

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