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Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I am glad to be home and just now starting to get my land legs back. It takes me about a week to stop rocking.

It's like I get sea sick after I am no longer on the sea lol.

You know your post reminded me of something, I was talking to one of the crew members about their newest ship which is currently being built, can't recall if it was Splendour or a different ship. The fellow mentioned that even though they stayed withthe same contractor, they were building it at a different shipyard because the quality control and attention to detail was much better. Which might explain some of this stuff. I remember sitting at dinner on a brand new Liberty and looking over at a statue and noticing part of it was broken off already, wondering how something like that could happen on a brand new ship. But it is neither here nor there. I will keep on cruising and they will keep building ships. I doubt I will run out of ships to try.

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