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Default Re: Sail and Sign account

1. How much will Carnival authorize against my credit card? I plan to use the card on shore and don't want all my available credit tied up on the S&S account.

They put my tips on my card automatically. Look in the Carnival brochure . If you don't have one, email me and I will send you one. This is what the brochure says, "A min. deposit will be required for cash accounts: 2-4 days $100.00. 5 to 8 day cruises $200.00. 9 days or longer cruises $350.00.

2. Can I limit the spending allowance for my kids? Say, let them spend up to $100, and if they are going to go over that, I have to authorize more? I imagine that their accounts will be linked to mine, since I am the one paying the bills.

I always go to the Purser's office when I first board and request a limit be placed on my kids accounts. I prepared to disembark on one cruise prior to this arrangement, and found out that my ds had placed $150.00 video game charges on his sail-n-sign card. I was upset that he didn't ask me first. If he had asked me first.

3. Back to #1. Am I better off just giving Carnival cash instead of my credit card for the S & S account?

When you go to embarkation, everyone is asked for a credit card. This is because at the end of the cruise they want to be able to charge your card for anything owed on your account. This enables the disembarkation process to move swiftly. I prefer to put cash on my account. The S & S account is similar to an ATM account. You can check the balance on your t.v. in your cabin. Or you can go to the Purser's desk for help.

Happy cruising!
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