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Default Re: Quality singles on board?

Originally Posted by kal1
My sister & I are interested in trying out a singles cruise to the Western Caribbean. I've heard that the singles cruise crowd is either older or not so (forgive me) attractive. Anyone have good experiences to share on the 28-38 crowd?
I have only done one singles cruise. In my best guess I would say the average age of the men were 50 and the women were slightly older, say late 50's. Of the 167 people in my group, the youngest person that I ran into was 31 and the youngest woman was 34 and that was only two people. Everyone else was easily in their late 40's and over. I didn't see anyone that looked to be in their 20's or 30's besides these two people that I mentioned. I am 49 and I was one of the youngest in the group.

For cruising in your age group, I recommend taking a cruise on RCCL or Carnival for less than 7 days with or without the singles group. The general rule is the shorter the cruise, the younger the passengers. I have found this to be true on my cruises. Perhaps one of the single cruise companies that specialize in itineraries will have a younger client base. I was on a ship with a group from CruisingForLove for a 5 night cruise out of New Orleans. They were probably in their late 40's and 50's but it was a smaller group and seemed like very friendly, very nice people.

Go to some of these single cruise companies' website and look at their gallery of pictures from actual cruises. That will tell you the demographics that they usually attract.

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