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Originally Posted by Dutchman
The way prices jump around for a cruise I wounder why they didn't just add $35 to the price of the cruise for each instead of the fuel surcharge ?? The money all goes to the same place don't matter what it's called. Not a surprise with gas at $3.00 a gallon.
If they just added the $35 to the price, it would not affect my already booked cruises.

I have been reading that Carnival had a different contract in place when I booked that did not allow them to add the surcharge and then added that language to their contract about being able to add it. That seems odd. Read a link someone got from some "wayback" machine online that showed this language was not in the contracts regarding adding a surcharge. I had booked two Carnival cruises quite a while ago this affects.

Whatever $$$$ they add of course Ill pay it, but like most others wish it only affected any cruises folks booked from now on (new bookings), not already booked cruises. Maybe the TA will forget to add the surcharge, ya think?

Here is another part of the issue.

1. Definitions and Scope of Contract

(g) This contract constitutes the entire agreement between Carnival and Guest and supersedes all other agreements, oral or written. Any alteration to any term of this contract must be in writing and signed by Carnival.
I booked back when I saw that there would be fewer ships out of my home port of Galveston when the language that says Carnival may add the fuel surcharge was NOT in the contract that was recently added. It says Carnival had to notify us in writing if the contract changed, which of course was not done.

Someone posted elsewhere they talked to their PVP who said the language was on their site "Bottom of first page "Legal Notices." ", which covers that they were able to change the contract without notice. Just thought Id add this since it does seem to cover Carnival.

As I said, Im not planning on fighting it, maybe hoping the TA forgets to add it lol, but I would never cancel a cruise over such a small amount. Im just following the discussions to see what other people are saying.
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