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We were on the Destiny Oct. 14-21, and there were several children in costumes, some crew members and a few adults. I think they celebrated Halloween on Thursday night that week. There were crew members outside of some of the shops giving kids candy. The kids had papers the crew members were stamping as the kids came to their candy station. I guess it was organized through Camp Carnival, and we didn't get the details since we don't have children. The costumes were cute, especially one family dressed as the Adam's Family. The child was dressed as Cousin It and completely covered by a wig that went from the kid's head to his feet. Another was a simple as a kid wearing a white bathrobe with a white towel thrown over his head to appear to be a ghost. The kids seemed to be having fun, and we loved seeing them walking around. I didn't see any passengers giving out candy, and I doubt parents would let children accept candy from strangers.
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