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I wish they would just increase the fare and call it what it is.

It's not like they are ever going to refund money if/when their costs go down and are we to really think this is temporary??

Remember the fiasco with "port charges" a few years back? We still pay them, they are now just called non-comissionable fees.

I'm thinking this is probably here to stay and itemizing it as a surcharge, in the minds of some people anyway, probably defers the blame or resulting total cruise cost. I guess to some a 7 day cruise "from $399" plus $350 in taxes/fees sounds better than just saying the cruise is $749.

Then there is also the travel agent to consider, adding it as a fee eliminates the line from having to pay commission on it whereas if they just increased the base fare, they would have to.

Either way, I'm still cruising!
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