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Lynne - yes I met Ross and Diane....along with Evelyn and Ida who traveled with them. In fact, I had been in contact with Ross well before the cruise started as I posted on the roll call for this cruise over on the CC board. And the Kim and Jack that were on board were not the Kim and Jack from here.....the ones I met were from Minnesota and Kim was my age and had some older college age kids and a 3 year old son.

How about considering a train ride up to NY and catching the QM2 over to England.....and a transatlantic leaving from either Southampton or Harwich returning to Florida or NYC......would have to be done in the fall though. If you allow a week or a few days between ships, you could take the ferry over to Le Havre and take a tour to Normandy and see the sites there. There are ways to get it done! And with the US dollar so weak now, it was actually cheaper on the ship than it was on land in England and on the continent and on Madiera.

Phyll - I could not believe how much I loved I loved the sea days! All in a row with mixed sea conditions. I've never come home from a vacation so refreshed and relaxed.
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