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Originally Posted by jacdenv24
Very interesting, Jaxon. I had not thought of this-how many of us read all the fine print! We paid the balance of our cruise last week and so far we have not been billed for the fuel surcharge. Maybe our agent has absorbed the cost? We are Canadian so I don't think I can complain to the Attny.Generals office but seeing as we're snowed in here I'm going to read all the fine print today.
If you paidin full before the 16th of Nov, you should not be charged (or sailing before Feb 1st). If you are charged, you shouldn't think you cannot contact the Fl AG -- you are a cruise comsumer like everyone else, even though you live in Canada. While I advise folks to also contact their state Attorney General, I do not know what the equivalent would be in Canada. European contracts with RCI/Celebrity are different because of the laws there (only increases in costs above 2% can be charged to the customer), but I have not heard that they are different for Canadians -- always good to check, however, before taking action.

Going forward, the biggest problem is that the new contract language is totally open-ended. They can tack on an added cost for ANYTHING! The new language says they can increase costs for any unexpected cost increase to them, not just fuel, and at any time. Lettuce going up? A pod breaks down? It is really onerous. Carnival, on the other hand, is not open ended -- just for fuel.
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