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Originally Posted by You
I know that in a perfect world, with no other factors involved, we could all practically live on a cruise ship. However, in reality, we all have real lives, family, hobbies, our homes, our businesses and other things. My point is, in reality (not the cruise only world we create in our minds) how long can you stay away from your real lives before you really start to miss it?

For me, I don't like to be away for too long. I love to travel and cruise, but for me, more trips of slightly shorter duration is for me. After a week, it's tough being away from my own bed, my own home with plasma TV , my airplane, my pets, my sports and other hobbies I love. As much as I love to cruise, it is not home. So realistically, how long can you cruise before you miss your real life and say "Let's book our next cruise and go home"?
I have yet to find a cruise that was too long. I generally try to book cruises that are at least 10 nights, and longer is always preferable. My most recent (No. 24) was scheduled to be 14 nights aboard ship with a three-night postcruise in Rome. Unfortunately, an airline mix-up replaced the first two nights with a night in New York and a night on Mykonos before embarkation, shortening the actual cruise to 12 nights.


Another consideration, though, is always that of where in the world you are going. It really is not cost-effective to fly to Europe for only a week, for example. In fact, you might spend more on air fare than on the cruise if you do that!

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