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Default Re: Sail and Sign account

Diverlb: (who will not be on the Victory the same time we are!!!)

We have thought about giving each one of our girls one of those Visa Buxx cards with a certain amount of money on it and tying it to their sign & sail cards. They will be in a different cabin than us. They are both in college, so their job is to exhaust us of money so, why not give them more!! Really, that way, IF they see something in the gift shop, want to buy a picture, etc. (we have one who is "Legal") or a fruu fruu drink,(they will still have fountain drink cards) they have that money to spend the way they want to without having to ask us if it's OK or even not getting something they want because they don't WANT to ask...........does that make sense.???..............just know they WILL spend it all! They can be in the same room with you and have their VISA Buxx against their S&S account. Hey, then when it's gone, it's gone.......I know I don't like having to "ask" if I can spend money on something. I think you can get them in any amount you want, doesn't have to be $100 (that's a lot of money even for my girls!)
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