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We just got back from the Fortuna yesterday. The ship is beautiful, we had an outside cabin, was very spacy, seen the balcony cabins, same space as the outside cabin.
Sue, you must have get the VIP treatment.
Costa is certainly not ready for the Caribean and Americans. The food is poor in choice and only Italian variety. There is no lemonade station, excepi for orange and pineapple juice over breakfast. Fortuna just came transatlantic with a whole bunch of Italians and Germans on board. Nothing wrong with that, but they don't mingle with the rest of the passengers. The germans have their own CD on board.
The entertainment is poor, the CD Max is way below standard, his island talks and information just read from a paper.

Eddie, the shopspecialist, he was the only one who knew he was talking about and fun to talk to.

The customers desk is dramatic on information, they know nothing about the ship.

Be sure you have enough dollars with you, no ATM on board.
The ship is not European, it is plain Italian.
And the list is longer then this.

We had a good time with our friends, but for the entertainment and liveliness on board, we go back to Carnival.
Never ever Costa again.

By the way, I am European.
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Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews

Read and post cruise reviews
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