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Thanks for all your responses. They are very helpful.

We hope to avoid the school breaks by going in January or February. We're leaving the kids home for this one.

I also have a theatre background, and am encouraged by your description of the shows being comparable to good professional theatre.

I've ruled out Carnival as I don't want to be on a floating frat party... so I'm trying to figure out the best cruise line for this trip.

Food is very subjective. I'm guessing even mediocre cruise ship food is probably going to be great by my standards. Although I'm no dog.

I'm interested in being ACTIVE on this vacation. I don't gamble, and I don't sit by the pool for 16 hours. I love yoga. I'm yet to find a ship that doesn't charge for yoga.

Thanks again.

February 2008 - First cruise (Mexico/Dawn Princess)

February 2009 - Mexico on Carnival Spirit, with kids!
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