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Originally Posted by Kuki
I disagree. If additional charges are required due to an unexpected rise in fuel after brochures are printed, then there is no choice except for a surcharge. You can't raise "base" prices over the brochure without being guilty of false advertising.
No one ever pays "brochure price". ... well maybe 7 people a year world wide I've always wondered why there is even a "brohchure price" printed. The real prices are never even close.
No one pays brochure prices but actual price is often "based" off brochure price.

I know that in 2006 Regent instituted a surcharge due to rapid increase in fuel costs. Initially, in 2007, there was not a fuel surcharge as the costs had not measurably increased from the "predicted" amount made when determining prices. In 2008, we are back to a surcharge due to the rapid rise in the last few months....long after brochures are printed.

As I believe fuel surcharges are non-commissionable, travel agents are the ones that take a bit of a hit. On a related note, if cruiselines raised their prices to properly pay employees and said "tips are included," the extra charge would probably be commissionable costing the cruise line 13% more.

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