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Originally Posted by Kuki
Of course there's the flip side of that.... people who research so much, the they feel they are totally prepared for the experience... in some cases raising their expectations much too high, and then when something "they know" doesn't fall into place it causes lingering disappointment.
I'm guilty of what might be considered over-preparing - having lists of possible things to see & do in every port etc.

The emphasis is on the "possible things" since you then have the option of switching, & eliminating. If you don't know what's out there you may miss something you later wish you'd seen.

As Kuki says, if you raise expectations too high you have a greater distance to fall/be disappointed.

So...... I've learned to accomodate/incorporate this aspect of preparedness by going with the flow/having an adventure too. Having knowledge lets you feel far more in control but because I incorporate my knowledge with the unexpected I know I will have fun whatever happens.
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