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lol one summer i walked into the teen area during the 12-14 time (i was 13) and it was so awkward! they all sat in a whole group and then one kid shouted are you even allowed to be in here, how old are you? .. lol i was thinking like omg getting bashed by another 13 yr old
and so thats when i peaced and started hanging with my sister and wtvr friends she had since the younger crowd didnt work out for me. hahah

anywho to answer your question.. you can just try going into the 15-17 yr old group. when i was on rccl they always checked people who looked TOO old to be in the teen area. if theyre like youre too young.. then just be like oh wait this isnt the 12-14? ohh k i mustve read the schedule wrong ahhah. but now if they do put the scanners...idk.
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