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Blogger’s Cruise – Day 4 – Jan 22

The above is a picture of Katy (Katlyn), with parents Amanda and Mark. She was still talking about her bear hug from John. Just a wonderful family!

John celebrated his 43rd birthday today. 21 of those years have been spent with Carnival Cruise Lines. No doubt they know they have the best Cruise Director in the industry, but I felt we should put in print with an EXCLAMATION MARK or two!!!!!!!

I believe the key to John’s “act? is his complete package of amazing wit, sly humor, quick mind, his desire to do the best job, combined with his humanity. In some cases humanity is a difficult word to fully comprehend, but in John it’s simple to understand, it’s worn on his sleeve, and is obviously the core of his soul. To me it is his humanity that sets the path for him in everything he does. He is the epitome of a good person! And I’m proud to be able to count him as friend.

In my view, like me, when I found Mrs. Kuki I believe I found the person who made me a complete human being; I believe John has found that person in Heidi. Not many people can imagine being with their spouse 24/7 – at work and play. Carry that to a life together at sea, and it’s a much more difficult task than most of us would want to take on. Fact is, despite the difficulties of the situation, when you see John and Heidi together you see their love for each other in their eyes… even when doing something innocuous like running an onboard game show.

Gosh that was pretty serious stuff… think I might cry.

Tonight at dinner the Maitre D Ken sang a couple of songs. He really does have quite the voice. During one song some of the wait staff, in the central area of the dining room, dance on the top of the bussing stations. Our table is in this section, and our lovely waitress Nanka is one of the performers. She’s a lovely young woman, with a great smile. OK, I have a crush on her. But why not, she’s lovely, she supplies me with great service, and she is always smiling. I did clear a section on our table for her to repeat her performance directly in front of me, but sadly she declined.

I seem to recall in the past that the singing and dancing waiters were an almost nightly occurrence in Carnival dining rooms. This seems to have been cut back to just a couple of times during the cruise, and I like it. And it’s easier to enjoy it when it’s not done every night. It also appears that the dining room guests are no longer divided into teams identified by color, and cheering for god knows what during dinners. This too is a good thing.
Tonight the mystery of the “trucker? from the Battle of the Sexes game was solved. It was indeed a set up “act?, who turned out to be comedian Al Ernst… who began tonight’s shown in character with another exchange with John. Quite hilarious!

There is a group of press onboard from several outlets, escorted by Tim Gallagher, Vice President of Public Relations for Carnival. We’ve all been dining together, and tomorrow Roger Blum, the person in charge of hiring Carnival entertainment is joining the ship, so we may hear some interesting tidbits.

Tomorrow evening they’re planning some sort of special dinner for us using the area of the Lido buffet on Deck 10, where fish and chips and some sea food specials are served at lunch. The area is normally closed in the evening, but I understand they’re going to be preparing some special dishes to test out on the press. If I don’t make it back to report tomorrow, you’ll know they won’t be appearing on the menu anytime soon.

For the Blogger’s, on Friday there’s a Q & A session with the press scheduled, and I’ve been asked to join that panel. Let’s hope the bloggers have a sense of humor, or I may be booed of the stage. Stay tuned here to see how that turns out.
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