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Blogger’s Cruise – Jan. 23 Continued
Here’s a pic from the top of the atrium.

Before heading to the dinner for the media tonight, I stopped by the 6:15 dinner seating in the Chic dining room to track down some of our CruiseMates group I hadn’t yet met.

I found our 3 tables of earlier seating folks, and chatted for a bit with each table. As I turned from conversation with one table, I found this at the other….

I’ve also had several bottles of champagne gifted to me during the cruise, and I don’t drink champagne, so wanted to share with the group. I also wanted to let everyone know about our group cocktail party tomorrow afternoon, after Ocho Rios.

OK.. here's an inside peak at how travel writers can get spoiled

I’m not a gourmand by any stretch of the imagination. I have a very simple palate, and honestly some (Mrs. Kuki) think I’m too picky and limiting in what foods I allow to pass my lips. I believe she calls it boring!

At any rate, tonight’s dinner was set up for us, on Deck 10 above the Lido Buffet. I frankly couldn’t believe the spread they assembled for us. Someone must have told the chefs there were a 100 people coming for a Greek Wedding, because there were so many types of different dishes offered.

I couldn’t pronounce half the names, and those I could, I couldn’t tell you what they were. But for each item that didn’t appear to suit my tastes, there were two that did. Every item, except desserts was prepared in the Tandoori Ovens.

John and Heidi, as well as Stephanie (who assists with John’s Blog), Carnival’s Tim Gallagher and Roger Blum, and two of the Miami staff who will be taking bookings for Blogger Cruise 2 onboard , Frank and Kevin joined us for dinner.
I happened to sit at a table with Anita Dunham Potter, a widely published travel writer (including, and a delightfully fun friend I’ve met before, as well as Heidi, Stephanie, Tim, and Roger.

We shared some delightful conversations, and then Anita and I got a bit silly over the most delicious looking candied strawberries.

The problem was the candied portion was so hard that we couldn’t figure out how to eat them, and that’s when between the two of us all sorts of scenarios slipped out of our mouths.

Anita’s a fun gal, and we got into some pretty good chuckles. Stephanie grabbed a video camera, so we may be able to share the silliness in video form in the future, rather than try and explain it with words.

Perhaps not the most dignified behavior one would expect but hey… that’s me! Needless to say, at least I thought we had a great time.

From dinner we headed to the Passenger’s Talent show in the theater. At times these talent shows can be more comical than not, but those who performed tonight were quite outstanding. One young man, played piano and sang, and had told John his dream was to work on a ship in the Piano Bar.

John had obviously heard how talented this 19 year old was during rehearsals. After his performance, he told them that Roger Blum, the person responsible for hiring all Carnival’s entertainers was in the house, and would be taking a video of tonight’s performance back to Miami with him. It sounds as if this young man’s dream may come true sooner than he thinks. Nice to see things like this happening in person.

Immediately after the talent show, John went into his patented, passenger participation, Bed Time Story. For those who know it, I need not say anything. For those who don’t, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. But if you aren’t rolling in the aisles during the Bed Time Story, you’re a much too serious person. Silly? Absolutely. Hillarious? Absolutely.

Tomorrow morning we’re booked for the optional Bloggers Bash at Pirate’s Cove in Ocho Rios. Just this afternoon John announced that everyone going will now get a 20 minute swim with the dolphins included. Food and drinks are also included, so it should be quite the day!!
After the ship sails, is our CruiseMates group cocktail party… if any of them are left standing. Don’t tell the other cruisemates, but if possible John and Heidi are going to join us for awhile as a surprise.
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