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Blogger’s Cruise – Jan. 25 – at sea
A man of my age should simply not be keeping the late night hours I’ve been keeping. I woke up feeling the rehearsal for tonight’s Legends show was taking place in my head.

If I had to keep up the pace I’d have to request wheel chair assistance to get me from my bed to the washroom, and a special order fly in from Mr. Big and Tall (and beautiful) for new wardrobe.

Yesterday at Dolphin Cove there was 1 wedding involving cruisers, and 18 proposals. I was involved in 17 of the proposals, and my cheeks are still red from where I was slapped repeatedly.

The pace on this cruise has been blistering, and there’s so much I’ve wanted to do on this ship, that I never found the time for; like spending time in the always packed Piano Bar. This is one of my favorite entertainment venues on the ship, yet I haven’t spent more than a few minutes there the entire week.

We’ll make up for that on the Apr. 26 CruiseMates Caribbeterrean Group Cruise on this ship (3Cs). BTW, there are still cabins available to join us for a full 14 days of fun fun fun fun.

This cruise has demonstrated that John is Violin Virtuoso, and everyone on this sailing has been fiddled with- to create a symphony of fun and good feeling.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cruise where most everyone is so friendly, and gets along so well. I haven’t seen any of people pushing through the lines to get one spot closer to whatever it is they’re looking for. You get in an elevator, and everyone is chatty and smiling (though for fitness purposes, Mrs. Kuki and I only use the stairs, so wouldn’t have any personal experience with that ).

I did sleep in this morning, and didn’t get the first 3 gallons of coffee into my system until close to 10 A.M. There are all the normal sea day activities scheduled for the day… with scrapbooking class, scattegories, towel folding lessons, pool games, trivia etc.

Mrs. Kuki is packing behind me as I type. If there wasn’t a rule against it the wrong sized, slightly snug suit choice I had brought with me would be thrown overboard. And if Mrs. Kuki got her wish it would be while I was wearing it.

I’m now going to allow Mrs. Kuki to put her packing expertise to work, and do my part by getting the heck out of the way and heading up on deck. I think I smell lunch starting, and it’s important I get my hands on a combination corned beef and pastrami sandwich…on Rye, of course.
To be continued…
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