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I sailed on the Victory in November as a single passenger. My family's cabins were aft, however, mine was very forward (the very first cabin on the ship). The cabin was 2201 on the Main deck. I loved it. It was exceptionally clean and had a lot of room. I have also sailed solo and have had cabins in the back of the ship with no problems. The elevators have never been an issue whatsoever. I have felt some vibration from the engines, however, nothing substantial. When pulling into a port you do feel some increase vibration, but again to me nothing I couldn't handle. I'm not sure if you need him to stay close to you, but if 2201 is available, I'd grab it. It's a great cabin, very clean and lots of room, including storage and closet space. Let me know if you need any additional information. I've been on 21 cruises with Carnival and have sailed solo 3 or 4 times. I have heard, and they tried with me once, that they often assign modified cabins (for the disabled) to single passengers. In fact, for the particular cruise in November they assigned me to a modified cabin and I asked to be moved. Why? A couple of friends I have traveled with in the past have been assigned these cabins and the cabins seemed not be kept up to the same standards as other cabins.
Cheers mate!
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