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Originally Posted by travelgalSue
Two weeks from now I'll be onbaord heading to where it is a whole lot warmer. As for packing, several years ago I discovered those packing bags and will not travel without them. You can get so much in them it saves space. I used to do the 3 suitcase thing now I can get everything for a 7 day cruise in one 24in that I check and my carryon. Hubby has a smaller 22 inch and a small duffle so we can travel much lighter than in years past. Give these bags a try you'll be glad you did. One other thing, I purchase the spray wrinkle release and pack it in the checked bag. Once onboard I take the clothes out hang them up, give them a squirt of the spary and by the time I need to wear it the wrinkles are gone.
Are you referring to the bags that you vacuum all the air out of to condense them? If so how do you repack to come home? I have thought about doing this and wondered if the steward would loan me a vacuum to pack my clothes!
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