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Originally Posted by You
hey, thanks for all the info!!

i appreciate the pics (LibraLass) and all the advice (kandajones and Rev22:17) . . . i think that i just might take a cruise-arranged shuttle to Rome for the port-of-call Civitavecchia; that way, it doesn't cost as much as a private tour, i can explore the city myself and the cruise line still has some responsibility =P

happy cruising to all of you too!
Yes, I neglected to mention the cruise line's "shore excurions" called "... on Your Own" or something similar. These "shore excursions are basically transportation to and from the destination city, and they are quite seemless. Nonetheless, I have three significant cautions about these excursions.

>> 1. These excursions do NOT include lunch. You are, quite literally, on your own for the whole day. (Most regular shore excursions do include some time on your own for shopping or independent sightseeing.)

>> 2. If you want to visit any of the major attractions, you will have to wait in fairly long queues (a wait of 2-3 hours is typical) for general admission and pay your own admission. The regular shore excursions include the admission, at lower group rates, to the attractions.

>> 3. You also might have to arrange your own local transportation within the destination city, depending upon what you decide to do there. The regular shore excursions include local transportation between the sites and attractions that they visit.

When you put it all together, independent sightseeing with the "... on Your Own" tour might not be cheaper than the regular excursions.

Again, your call.

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