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Default Educational advantages

Teen mom again... Sorry..
Got my daughter to get excited about the cruise (yes, that took all of a day, thanks!)
Now, she has a friend that is interested. I got her dad's ok, her mom is interested in letting her go, but the step-dad is against her missing school for 5 days.
Both kids are honor roll students, never miss school, and are just great kids. What argument can we give the mom and step-dad that this will be an educational experience for her?
Besides the fact that she's getting out of a small town to see the world (her first time for that!)
Going to new countries (why should she be allowed to go with someone they don't know that well to see these countries)
and to be on a cruise ship to 'run wild' (which won't happen, because I'm a mean mom there, I will know where they are at all times).
Can you give us some help to present this argument?
Thanks again! Then I hope to turn this over to my daughter and her friend, to get all the goods on teen cruising..

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