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well kris, im not to much worried about getting tan because the sun doesnt like me so everytime i try to tan i just get really really really burnt lol. but im deff more worried about the first and last days weather wise. this week its supposed to be in the 60's in NYC / NJ, one of those days is supposed to break a weather record. so hopefully the warm weather will stay for the next 9-10 days. finally i would rather leave from NJ than places like canaveral or miami because im only a 30 minute drive from port. if i leave from canaveral i have to get up at 5am, get on a 2-3 hour plane ride, then have to take a 45 minute taxi or bus from orlando int. airport to canaveral. just the bus ride alone is longer than my leaving from my house to the NJ port. and plus, i can sleep in the morning of embarkation, dont have to worry about rushing over to the port, ect....for me canaveral=hectic from the second i leave my house...Cape Liberty,NJ = so much easier
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