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please read up on what you can and cannot bring in. Visit the webpage - know before you go. Do not depend on the advice you are getting here as I know, b/c I work for CBP, that you can actually bring back more liquor as an exemption from the carribean - but you need to go check the specifics. Bottom line is you can bring back what you want, but once you go over a certainn amount you will have to pay duty. this is all spelled out on their site.

the link above is for us residents. there are also links on their web page for non residents.

Also know that if you do lie regarding undeclared merchandise or anything and you get caught, you can be subject to a penalty of up to six times the duty you would have paid had you declared it up front.

I can't imagine the carribean having anything to buy that I can't get online a lot cheaper that would put me over my exemption. I pass on the booze because I always have to fly to the port of embarkation and wouldn't risk it breaking on the flight home.

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