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Default Thanks for starting this post...

DH & I are newbies...taking our FIRST CRUISE in October on Carnival Freedom. Because we are new to cruising, I'm attempting to gather as much info as I can about doing things properly. We are well-traveled "land" travelers, so we are accustomed to tipping and familar with various tipping customs.

We're not the types who buck proper etiquette; however, DH wants absolutely nothing to do with pre-paid tipping! It just doesn't seem to make sense to him...I'm having a hard time understanding the concept, too

How do you rationalize "pre-paying" gratuities, which are customarily given voluntarily as a token of appreciation for services delivered, if you don't know how (or if) your services will be delivered?

Then, the concept of "tipping on top of pre-paid tips" seems like overkill to both of us.

My husband and I are generous tippers & kind people. If a restaurant server even bothers to smile or chat a bit, I will tip 35%-50%. If I go to a local diner or restaurant where I know that the servers receive very little in wages and tips, I'll easily leave $10 on the table for a $25 or $30 bill. On a pricey meal or service, we always leave at least a 20% gratuity.

I like the personal aspect of tipping. I can't imagine facing a cabin steward or waiter on a 12-day cruise, even mediocre ones, and never leaving a kind note with a cash tip BECAUSE we pre-paid. How does the steward or waiter KNOW that we pre-paid gratuities?

If "pre-paid gratuities" is another word for "service charges," that's different.

Please give your input...I'm very confused
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