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Originally Posted by UConn1
Glad you're here. I love the piano bars, but have some players I love and some I dislike. Great to have your list to see who's where!
Hi, thanks! I've been keeping the list for a while on another site. It takes a little research, a little nagging and a lot of help from others. And it's not always 100% accurate, but we try our best.

Please feel free to post your opinions about the various entertainers on this thread as well! Lots of people like to know what to expect. Plus if you report back here, it helps keep the list accurate!

I always keep in mind "Different strokes for different folks". That's one thing I've learned through the thread on the other site. I think every entertainer has taken a hit in reviews, but just about everyone has been praised as well.

And I always point out that there are lots of factors beyond the entertainer themselves that affects the piano bar. Location on the ship for one. The piano bars on the Spirit class ships are in what some of the entertainers call a kiss of death location, not on the promenade deck and tucked away up by the chapel, the foot traffic is a LOT less up there.

Itinerary plays a part too. Port intensive runs like Europe and the Southern Caribbean, can mean lots of early mornings, hence not a lot of late night partiers.

Time of year is a factor too. On a Caribbean run in the summer which are family heavy, you can have 1/3 of the passenger or more under the age of 18. That's 1/3 of your potential audience already reduced. That's a lot.

The reason these things are so important is that most of the entertainers feed on the energy of the crowd.

But of course, the entertainers themselves are the biggest factor and they are human. They have their off nights. Who wouldn't having to be on 6 nights a week for months at a time?

My biggest peeve with Carnival is their lack of promotion for the back lounge acts, particularly the piano bars. Threads like this on sites like this help to get the word out there.

So please! Post your opinions and experiences!

Thank you for your support.

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