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I appreciate your insights and thank you for taking the time to post.

To Fern, I do already know the answer to my question, but I still had to ask.

To Nita, I am not predisposed to disliking the NCL experience.

My dissappointment is that NCL (and my sister) seem to feel there is something really different and special about freestyle cruising. Their advertising seems to make it sound like I can do anything I want at anytime wearing anything. (Which I know is not the case.) According to their dress up game on the Internet, I can wear a snorkel and fins into the dining room.

What I really want to know is do people think their product is really different than other cruiseline's products?

I do recognize that they offer more dining choices. But that comes at a price - different wait staff each night: important to some, not important to others.

I do recognize that they do not have a dress code. Again, some enjoy this and some do not.

I've heard good and bad about the food on NCL, just like I've heard about the food on other lines.

Princess is a viable alternative and is recommended by many. NCL is recommended by many. If I avoid unrealistic expectations prior to boarding, I will experience fun on an NCL cruise.

Again, thanks, I'd like to hear more,

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