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Originally Posted by You
It is actually called "Personal Choice".
As Princess uses the terminology, "Personal Choice Dining" means that a ship offers BOTH "Traditional Dining" (with assigned tables at first and second seatings) AND "Anytime Dining" (with open seating and an option to make reservations, like most restaurants ashore). MV Tahitian Princess, MV Pacific Princess, and MV Royal Princess offer only "Traditional Dining" because these ships have only one main dining room. All other Princess ships have two or more main dining rooms, and thus offer "Personal Choice Dining" with "Traditional Dining" in one main dining room and "Anytime Dining" in the other(s).

Originally Posted by You
If you book late you would probably not be able to get "Tradition dining" because it is already full.
That tends to be true, though less so aboard MV Sun Princess, MV Dawn Princess, MV Sea Princess, MV Coral Princess, and MV Island Princess because these ships have only two main dining rooms, thus reserving half of their dining capacity for "Traditional Dining." By contrast, "Traditional Dining" gets only about a third of the dining capacity aboard the tubs of the Grand Princess, Diamond Princess, and Caribbean Princess classes.

Originally Posted by You
The trouble with Princess is that they will let people that are booked into traditional dining eat in the personal choice dining rooms. Thus their tables in traditional go unused and probably someone that wanted traditional would not be able to get it.
You're absolutely right -- but, in reality, that's only half of the problem. The other half of the problem is Princess does absolutely NOTHING to accommodate passengers who request "Traditional Dining" beyond the number who can fit into the main dining room allocated to that arrangement. On my Dad's last Princess cruise, there were enough people on the waiting list for first seating to fill another dining room, and Princess basically thumbed its nose at them (he was No. 467 or thereabouts on the waiting list). At the very least, Princess should either (1) expand each seating of "Traditional Dining" into enough sections of the dining rooms assigned to "Anytime Dining" to accommodate the passengers who request that arrangement or, when the numbers are smaller, (2) enter a standing reservation for the entire cruise with a fixed table for the passengers who are on the waiting list.

And in any case, Princess should (1) clearly request that passengers who have booked "Traditional Dining" but decide that they prefer "Anytime Dining" once onboard notify the maitre d'hotel of their decision to change and (2) directly contact passengers who don't come to "Traditional Dining" on two or three consecutive evenings to inquire if they wish to change.

Of course, passengers who are so inconsiderate to their fellow passengers as to go to "Anytime Dining" on their own, without informing the maitre d'hotel of a decision to change, are the epitomy of the cadre of passengers who are utterly lacking in social graces whom Princess's "Personal Choice Cruising" ad campaign seems to have drawn to that line. Any cruise line that wants to fill its ships with passengers who are so inconsiderate of other passengers is a cruise line that does NOT want -- and that will NOT get -- my business.

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