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Default continue sick about victory

I understand there are almost 3000 people on these ships and it is not like going to a place where there are 30 people swimming, eating, traveling about on the ship. Do these cruise lines not know about all these awful things that are happening on their ships? The deck chairs i can understand, as it is like going to a crowded beach or pool. we belong to a pool here at home and in the midst of summer on really hot days i even have to get to the pool early to get a chair i want or on some days a chair at all. ok i will give them that.

the food situation however, has me baffled. on the lido deck, do they not know how to set up buffets(they could haave more that one line) so people are not waiting in line for 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes the reviewer said. why would they close the chinese food part completely for the whole cruise. the victory is at least 5 years old so ;you would think someone who works for the cruiselines would have noticed these problems by now and figured out a way to remedy this. why would they build a ship that holds this many people and then not be able to feed them properly? I know i am going on and on and you are getting tired of listening to it.

last but not least, i wish now we had not gotten a balcony. it may be because smokers always get balconies and that is why they smell smokey. i guess i should have gone for a regular cabin. we were just trying to havae a little more luxury since we have not cruised before. they also said they are littler because of the balcony. i am going to be done becauses i amgetting myself into a complete tizzy over this whole thing.
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