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Originally Posted by hp68508
Thank for the reply.

How much would it cost to lover beach?

I have 5 families? I have read to take a water taxi , is this near where the cruise ship drps you off?


hp68508 (Ain't that a HP printer model? )

Once you get ashore in Cabo, you will find plenty of vendors selling tours/activities. They are right there on the pier where the tender boats dock. If you want to go to Playa del Amor (Lovers Beach), haggle with them and you can get the ride for like $5 per person. I am sure that if you guys are going to be such a big group, they would not want to lose that business! So stand your ground and haggle! You can also go for ATV rides in Cabo, horse rides on the beaches just north of Cabo and a ton of other things at a slightly higher price than $5 each!
If you are taking a laptop with you, go to Paraiso Mall just across the Marina and by the Haagen Dazs Icecream parlour you can get free wireless internet access. It's a great wifi hotspot. Plus plenty of shopping choices for the girls inside the Mall, if they so fancy.

Mazatlan take a cab to the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone). Again haggle with them, we haev many times taken a cab from the cruiseship terminal to the Golden Zone for $2 per person! Likewise returning to the ship. There a nice beach there, plenty of water sports, ya guys might wanna try parasailing (don't give them more than $25 per ride, no matter how much they ask you for!!!) Jetskis can also be rented albeit once again at a higher price than that!

Ah Puerto of the Captain's favorite haunts.........where do I start...........oh I know.........Walmart, that's right! There's a walamrt and a Sam's Club right across the street from the cruisehip pier! You can get any supplies you need there plus they sell International Phone Cards which will allow you to call the United States for 25c a minute! I think oyu get like 40 minutes for $10, not bad at all. Take the local bus to downtown PV, it's only 50c (5 pesos) each. Look for destination on gthe windshield which says CENTRO, going back to the ship from downtown, look for the destination on the the windshield which says WALMART. Plenty of things to see in downtown PV for the first time visitor. And it is very pedestrian friendly with a nice malecon (seaside pedestrian walkway). At the cruieship terminal you also find free wifi hotspots where the souvenir shops are located and also many tour operators selling local tours/activities. Whatever you do in PV, make sure you stay on ship's time as the time zone changes in the middle of Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags) effectively putting PV in 2 time zones!

I hope you find the above hints helpful.

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