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Originally Posted by skymaster
Good for you Dave. The lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) and I sail "Inspiration" on March 10th, so I'll let you know what we thought of the new upgrades. (We loved this ship before the drydock, so I've got high expectations for her after). Perhaps we can sail with you in October, however I've already got "Legend" booked for Halloween at the end of October. We'd love to share a ship with you!

See ya'


Hey Ken,
Long time no chat! Hope you and your lovely Mrs have a great time on your upcoming cruise! Me, I'm looking again but so far this year looks like I'm gonna have to settle for cruising for a little higher than $50 daily, to give you a long-ovedue answer to your question. I think our 5-6 year run of cruising for next to nothing is coming to an end!

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