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Originally Posted by terrytrader
I think it is a way of paying the staff low wages..May I suggest the same as I do and go to reception and OPT out of being made to pay the tips, and only give to those who deserve it.. after all $10 per day by 3000 guests is a lot of cash over 2 weeks.. if we all opted out they would soon change their policy
You may want to explore the details of the auto tip a little more. Specifically, when you opt out of the auto tip and then give a tip directly to a staff member, they are required to turn that tip in so that it is placed in the same tip 'pool' as the auto tip.

Otoh, if you leave the auto tip in place and then tip extra to specific staff members, they can keep the tip that you offer.

We may not agree with the wages paid and the use of tips to offset the wages, but it is what it is. Most of us like the auto tip as it compensates many individuals that we may not see who are involved in providing all of the services and amenities that we have come to expect on a cruise.
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