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Originally Posted by nmnita
I can only answer a few questions, but here goes with what I know.

The soda cards are $4.00 per day so a 7 day cruise would cost about $28 . Not being a beer drinker I can't help there, but mixed drinks are about $5.50 or $5.95 each if you make sure of the brands you are ordering. An example: A Martini using Absolute will be just under $6.00 where as if you don't tell them a brand the same drink will cost closer to $8 cause they will choose a better vodka. Wine is about $5.50 a glass plus 15% gratuity. These prices are quite a bit less than Celebrity, RCI or NCL. Celebrity, a glass of wine if you don't watch out will cost $9 with tip, NCL about $8.00. We were quite happy with the price of alcohal on Princess.

Nita, thanks for that tip about the drinks; I don't know about anyone else, but we're used to going to bars where, unless you specifiy a more expensive brand of liquor, they give you the "house brand" - which is the cheapest way to go, rather than the other way around. I can certainly see where it would be in the cruise line's best interests to give you the more expensive brand... Thank you, thank you!!

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