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There was another Quest question posted further down the list, so I cut and pasted it here not miss it !!

We have been a couple of times and had to be some of the funniest moments at sea...Our group won tee shirts one time...A proper English woman, and her son and grandson, who were our tablemates, joined us for this once..Very prim and proper we thought..NOT:)

The woman pulled out her false teeth, and I kissed her teenage son!!! What fun we had...

The only thing we thought was a bummer, were the groups of past cruisers, who had played this game before, & they came prepared, with bags of thing they knew would be used, so it took away from the spirit of the game, many of us thought....I don't want to give to much away, for non Questers:):) But we loved this game! No pictures though:(

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