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Originally Posted by Rev22:17

Originally Posted by You
Norm: the shareholder benefit is fully combinable with any other offer.
Norm - there has been an instance where the shareholder credit was not combinable. Celebrity held a sale earlier that had decreased deposits and onboard credits and you could not use your shareholder credit with it. We were thinking of booking, but our shareholder credit was more than the onboard credit that was offered with that sale.
daysatsea: Thanks for confirming what I said early, on this thread, that these stockholder credits are not combinable with all other offers from Celebrity.

Besides the glowing report and statistics of the small benefits of having a stock holder credit, the risk inherent to in any such purchase should be the prime consideration. Since we had some statistics on the wonderful benefits of owning RCI stock then there should also be a few facts about the other side of the coin, which is often neglected.

Had one purchased the minimum 100 shares of RCI stock the first week of last November for the price at that time which was about $52 per share, to get a stock credit and took a one week cruise you would have received a $100 on board credit from Celebrity. Initial investment $5,200. With the RCI stock price, as of the close yesterday of about $39 per share, (value $3,900) you would be looking at a loss of about $1,300, for your 100 share minimum purchase. Now in that case you would have needed to take 13 one week cruises to be even, not counting trade commisions and what interest you could have made elsewhere with your $5,200 investment. Now I am sure someone would say, well the solution is to take more cruises on Celebrity but then there is this little problem that I have, and that is, that I can not afford to take 13 cruises!!! In fact, I can barley scrape enough to take one cruise per year.

Granted, there can be some small benefit to owning stock but the downside for me far outweighs any benefit from a small on board credit. I am not "in love" with any particular cruise line and enjoy going on different cruise lines and ships and the change adds to the enjoyment of my vacation. Not owning stock in any particular cruise line also allows me to price shop when looking for a particular itinerary and this almost always more than offsets any stockholder credit that I could have received. It is great that we all can have different opinions but both sides of any issue should always be considered and not just one side.
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