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I don't think you read my last post. I tired to appeal to your sense of humor by offering to show you my six hours of video, but you are persistent.

We've been to China too, and to Japan, Antarctica, and Europe, and Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hawaii and Alaska -- and I couldn't agree more -- there are a great many far more beautiful places in the world than the Canal. But lack of beauty and boring are hardly synonymous are they? Do you have the slightest clue what a feat of engineering the canal was, and remains today? Only those totally deprived of a sense of history and appreciation for an engineering marvel for the ages could possibly be bored by the Panama canal.

Directly contra to what you said:

"Everyone I've spoken to who have done this cruise have said they would NEVER EVER do the trip again..."

I have talked to dozens of people who have made the trip more than once, and I have yet to talk to a single one who had the slightest negative comment, or who was even slightly 'bored.' I'm sure some women are bored by it, but no human being, male or female, especially an American, with an engineering background, and an appreciation for history, or a love of things mechanical, has ever been bored by the Panama canal, one of the most superb and most useful achievements in the history of mankind!

Besides my friend, a full transit includes a Mexican Riviera cruise and a Caribbean cruise as well. Barring a trip around the Horn (which we have also done), I know of no other way to combine the two. If you are tired of the Caribbean, and you want a little variety, and you want two weeks away from winter, it's kind of hard to imagine a better choice or a more pleasant alternative close to home, than a week in Mexico and Costa Rica, a canal transit and then a week in the Caribbean! As you know, many people, including hundreds who frequent this board go to the Caribbean time, after time, after time.

As you say, to each his own But is it not strange, that every single person you know who has done this cruise has said "they would NEVER EVER do the trip again....?" Yet I know dozens who have done so and loved it, and have never heard such a comment -- not even once. I do not know why you have taken it upon yourself to try to discourage others from taking a very popular, worthwhile and educational cruise, but I sure hope you don't succeed.
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