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Originally Posted by Grandma P
Are their any cruise lines that leave from a Port rather near Panama City Fl?
I have a granchild and her folks there and would like to travel from Chicag to PCFL and then take then on as cruise that would require no more airfare.
Thanks for any help or advice.
Depending upon how old your grandchild is you may want to consider a 3 or 4 day Disney cruise to the Bahamas leaving Port Canaveral. They have some good deals for this coming fall starting at $349 per person for the 3 day and $449 per person for the 4 day cruise.

The following url will show you the pricing for Disney And, you can use the search engine for other dates and months too. Though my sons are grown, we're considering Disney 4 day as our family vacation Oct 2009. Never too old to love the mouse

Other cruise lines sale out of Canaveral too. Carnival Glory and Royal Caribbean Marineer of the Seas sail as well, also with some good deals.

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