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Originally Posted by richstacy
Oceanmom, lets take some hypothetical country: No hypodermic needles no sanitation, no antibiotics, no up to date medical equipment or techniques of any kind. Do you, "really want surgery under those circumstances?" Many such places exist throughout the world. Would you want to be unceremoniously tossed out in a place like that?

I know what the contract says, oceanmom, I'm a lawyer by trade. It's not a matter of the contract. It's a matter of common sense and proper treatment of your customers. If you treat enough of your customers badly, enough of the time, you won't stay in business -- it's as simple as that.
RichStacy -

You point out that you are a lawyer - yet you seem to be able to see only one side of this situation.

In the opinion of the doctor on board who examined the individual in question, the safest place for the individual was in a local facility or aboard a flight back to the US, not in the ship's infirmary receiving care during a two day crossing to the next port of call.

You seem to believe that the decision to remain aboard the boat should have been the individual's - and, as a Libertarian, I can understand that conceptually. Why is it, though, that you seem unable to respect the Captain's decision to follow the Doctor's advice? Had the individual had the proper travel insurance, he would have been in the US on the same day.

Now, as a lawyer, look at the issue from Carnival's side. The individual is allowed to choose to stay on board, requires 24/7 care in a facility that is little more than a doctor's office, and subsequently dies of the condition. In the meantime, the Captain is forced to run the ship at full speed to the next destination, arriving ahead of time and depriving the remainder of the passengers of the enjoyment of a leisurely passage.

Do you not believe that Carnival is now going to be the subject of a wonderful lawsuit (probably multiple lawsuits from both the family of the deceased and those deprived of their cruise) and public relations nightmare?

Carnival is very clear in their recommendations - simply look at any document from them. "We highly recommend that all guests purchase our Travel Protection Plan." is printed on every document I seem to get from Carnival. Is it a money maker for Carnival - sure. But they also are forewarning you, the cruiser, that unexpected events can occur that will require changes in plans.

I have absolutely no problem with this decision by Carnival.
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