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Nope, you won't get slammed for making honest remarks about your observations or feelings. That is what we want to hear here, both the good and the bad. Posts that say "the ship was perfect", or the "ships sucks" are the ones that are not helpful. We want to know why one feels the way they do. People that complain that the ships rocked in heavy seas, or that they were forced to buy something are the ones I pretty much ignore just as I do the ones that think everything was perfect and could not possibly be inproved upon. I am interested in the problem you have as to what cabin that is and of course the Purser was totally wrong! He cannot refuse to allow you to talk to the Head Purser or the Hotel Director who who have been the better person to talk with. Good luck with your outcome and I honestly think a 50% off would be proper as you actually informed them you wanted to take advantage of the guarentee and ONLY remained onboard because of the promise from the purser.

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