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Cruisequeen said,,,"If the two older people exchanging PDA are in love and care for one another that is all that matters"!

Yes, that’s all that matters. If some ‘younger’ people have a problem seeing 'older' people displaying public affection towards each other, then that is their hang up. And no doubt they in their 'young life' have quite a few more hang ups to deal with.

Folks, how shallow are some of you if you get embarrassed or upset as a adult because you seen someone older that you kiss,,mmmmmm. Scary

Its a childish reaction, its like kids not wanting to see Mom and Dad kiss and getting embarrassed,,,but you aren’t kids, you could be in your 20's or 30's...why think like that? Just guessing, but maybe there are still some emotional problems still going on there with some people.

Cruisemagnet, nice post. But having read the post, wording and tone, I am guessing you are under 24,,so I just wonder what age you see as being 'old' or 'older' in this context. Is it 30's or being 40, 50,,what age in your young eyes do you see as old and past living,,,,as if age matters in anything!

What I really find incredible as a person is the post,,,why do people think like this?
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