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Jep, Coba is a little "primitive" but it is a large area of many structures and temples/pyramids, of which some still can be climed (!). Best is to take a bicicle to get around, it is larger than Tulum or Chichen Itza. 50 cents to the trees...the poisonous ones are called "Chechen" and get you a nice rush on the skin, however there is always a good tree within a bad trees range, called "Chaca"...all Mayan names, of which you can rip off some of the outside and rub it on your skin....other ruins are the Ek Balam, Muyil (Sian K'aan Reserve) and of course the ones in Yucatan such as Uxmal, Iztamal, etc...good luck, there is plenty of information on the internet available! thanks also to
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