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Default Missing Man

As Luanne pointed out after we visited together, there are many poignant things at Arlington Cemetery. Several times a year we're reminded of an amazing thing that happens there that few people get to see. When a high-ranking Air Force officer is buried there, they have four jets do a missing man formation above the grave. The planes come screaming toward the cemetery at low alitiude in a diamond formation, and when they get there one of them peels off the formation as the "missing man."

Their flight path invariably takes them virtually directly over our house after they complete the trick, and it happened again just a little while ago. Three planes in a tight triangle with the fourth one just beginning to catch up to the formation after having veered away over the grave.

Whenever I see it I always stop what I'm doing. For all I know it could be a 95-year-old general who died in his sleep, but I still find this tribute amazing.

Very moving.
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